Golf Towels


Product Description

Golf towels are the flagship of every golf club! Delight your guests, tournament players, members, or friends with a unique souvenir of your club or company. A golf towel is useful on the course in many different ways. They help keep your golf balls and golf clubs clean. Even a grain of sand on your ball can ruin a putt.


The stylish golf towels look great and turn heads on the first tee. Intimidate your competitors with Polani Textiles cool golf towel. It’s made from machine washable high-quality, durable cotton.


The Polani Textiles Golf Towel has a refined contemporary design, made from ultra-soft, heavy premium cotton with complete detailing. Our golf towels are 100% cotton microfiber and thus of the best quality and durable. Perfect for keeping your clubs looking their best on the course.


Features of Golf Towels

  • A golf towel should have the option to not just wipe away the free soil and mud from the club, yet it should be adequately capable of venturing down into the scores and pulling away from the affected soil.

  • A quality golf towel has the option to hold water so the golf player can utilize sodden material for clearing away soil and grime off of the clubface of an iron. Thin golf towels that must be persistently remoistened are an issue and can stop the progression of a great day on the connections.


  • Most top-notch golf towels are produced using microfiber. This rugged, lightweight texture furnishes extraordinary cleaning capacity alongside phenomenal retention. Whether utilizing the fabric to clean clubs or wipe away sweat, the microfiber functions admirably at keeping golf players and their material invigorated on the fairway.



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