Top 11 Textile Companies in Pakistan

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Pakistan has a dynamic, vibrant, and trade-oriented textile industry, a backbone that predominantly affects the economy. In 2005, a whole new committee was created to make the decisions and implement strategies that can candidly benefit the textile industry. This committee performs its duty perfectly as they have implemented multiple new strategies and made modifications as required.

Textile is the most important industrial sector and produces the country’s most elevated export income of around 58%. It also gives the bulk of business (39%) to the generally underutilized labor force and contributes 8.5% to GDP. Practically all the well-known brands are made in Pakistan, keeping with the exclusive standard of worldwide quality and competitiveness.

Textile Industry Overview

Pakistan is the fourth most prominent cotton yarn and cloth manufacturer in the world. The country’s cotton creation arrived at a record-breaking undeniable level of 14.81 million bales on April 31, 2012, by breaking the past high record of 14.31 million bales in 2004-05. The textile mills also bought record volumes as they stacked up more than 13.44 million bales out of 14.81 million bales. The country also imported more than 1,000,000 bales of better quality from the USA, India, and Brazil for mixing reasons during the same period.

Brazilian cotton is renowned among Pakistani shippers because of its quality. In Brazil, cotton is gotten utilizing machines, yet cotton is picked utilizing human hands in Pakistan. In this way, Brazilian cotton is broadly used when pollution-free cotton is needed for assembling.


Textiles are made by sewing, weaving, meshing, crocheting, or joining fibers to make flexible material comprised of either typically or artificially delivered networks of fibers. Hence, getting reasonable and sumptuous quality textiles is essential for any textiles and clothing producer to flourish. Pakistan is one of few countries that can meet these prerequisites. Here you can see the current brief overview about the textile sector;

  • Pakistan is the eighth most significant exporter of textile products in Asia.
  • It is the fourth-biggest maker and third-biggest consumer of cotton.
  • It involves 46% of the absolute manufacturing sector and gives 40% of the total workforce.
  • 5% of the absolute textile organizations are listed on the stock trade. 423 textile industries are working in the country.
  • Pakistan has a supply base for practically all man-made and natural yarns and fabrics, including cotton, rayon, and others. This overflow of raw material is a significant benefit for Pakistan because of its beneficial effect on cost and available lead time.

Before venturing towards the list of the best textile industries, a look at the introduction of Pakistan’s textile industry will assist the readers in understanding the size and significance of Pakistan’s clothing industry.

Top 11 Textile Companies in Pakistan

      1) Polani Textiles (Karachi)

Polani Textiles is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Terry Towels, Bathrobes, and a wide range of Terry products beginning around 1989. They are Oekotex, BSCI, and ISO-9001-2008 certified suppliers. The company is situated in Karachi, Pakistan, one of Asia’s most active seaports.

With over 30 years in specialized assembling of terry products, they provide top quality products to several importers both in retail and institutional industry in the USA, Europe, and Far East countries. Close to the abovementioned, they are specialized in producing and producing a wide range of Terry Towels and Bathrobes according to the necessity for the reputed clients all over the world.

     2) Fazal Clothing Mills (Muzaffargarh)

Fazal clothing industry was laid out in 1966, and from that point forward, it is working to provide high-standard and best products to its customers. Several parts of Fazal Clothing Mills are presently working all over Pakistan. At Muzaffargarh, in 1972, they have set up their first spinning unit. This Clothing mill is also listed on Lahore and Karachi stock exchanges.

     3) Alkaram Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. (Karachi)

Alkaram Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. began in 1986 when it was set up to provide innovative textile solutions across the globe. Before long, Alkaram Textile Mills arose as one of Pakistan’s leading textile and manufacturing companies, with a worldwide impression in the US, UK, France, and Portugal. For over 35 years, Alkaram’s reputation and particular image have been reliably evolved across an extending number of products, brands, and worldwide business sectors. Alkaram Textile Mills is the most significant and fast-growing textile in Pakistan.

     4) Nishat Mills Ltd (Lahore)

Nishat Mills Ltd. was established in 1951 and from that point forward trying its best to offer the best services keeping the most recent trends and demands of present-day age to them. In Pakistan, Nishat mills are one the mills which contain profoundly power generation facilities.

Export business is the foundation of this industry, making it more straightforward for it to remain among other top competitors in textile industries. Two central units are presently operating at Nishat mills. One of them works at a sewing unit, and the other works at power generation. They currently provide almost about 120-million-meter fabrics for each annum. They also have an excellent balance sheet.

     5) Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited (Karachi)

Gul Ahmed is among the best textile industry in Pakistan. It is one of the most seasoned and most renowned brands in Pakistan and exports its garment to different countries worldwide. This name is one of the most notorious names in the textile industry of Pakistan.

In 1953, they stepped into the field of clothes production. They have gained quick headway and spread their business in less time. Because of colossal acknowledgment and fast development, this textile mill was listed at the Karachi stock exchange in 1970. Gul Ahmed has effectively acquired a significant position in the world’s textile industry.

     6) Husein Industries Limited (Karachi)

Beginning around 1951, Husein Textile Industries has been working to offer excellent services all over Pakistan. They have invested their most significant efforts to extend their business and become one of the most famous and quick-developing textile industries in Pakistan

They have built their trust among different valuable clients worldwide due to their solid initiative. They used to take all the essential measures to guarantee that quality-based products would be conveyed to consumers. The achievement of any association is straightforwardly relative to the number of satisfied clients. So fundamental focal point of Husein Textile Limited is to give the best quality of fabric to their buyers.

     7) Kohinoor Mills Limited (Punjab)

In Pakistan, Kohinoor Mills Limited is perhaps the most beneficial and moderate organization giving the best fabric and instant all over Pakistan. They began working in 1987 as an independent company but ended up being one of the most renowned textile industries in Pakistan.

They are now offering standard services in their principal business areas that incorporate coloring, weaving, and power generation. They have gotten incredible appreciation among key players in the field of textile. Nowadays, they have a yearly turnover of around 7 billion rupees. Likewise, 1700 employees are currently working at Kohinoor mills. Their main goal is to give quality-based products to end up procuring and satisfied clients.

    8)   Safa Textile Limited (Karachi)

Safa Textile Limited is a highly well-known and driving brand in pants manufacturing; at present, it is working in Karachi, Pakistan. They have specialties in giving the best quality of knitted pieces of clothing at a global level likewise. They utilize the most recent and modern machines for a finishing touch to the product.

   9)    The Crescent Textile Mills Limited (Punjab)

The Crescent Textile Mills Limited Pakistan is working to give the best quality of fabrics to their essential clients all around Pakistan. Their specialties are to provide bed wears 100 %cotton, polyesters, and other material related to that.

  10)  Fateh Textile Mills (Hyderabad)

Fateh Textile Mills was laid out in 1952; it offers quality-oriented services to its consumers across Pakistan. It includes the most prominent textile mills in Pakistan. In 1961, this mill immediately became a public limited due to excessive development and vast extension of their business.

Very nearly 60 million meters of fabric are created every year at Fateh Textile Mills Limited. Their primary focus is to plan textile for trade. They have the ability in designing instant wear and bedsheets. It is the most well-known brand and first selection of lots of clients in foreign markets. This organization is additionally listed on the Karachi stock exchange.

   11) Chenab Limited (Punjab)

Chenab Textile Limited is known as one of the top leading industries in producing and exporting quality-based fabrics and products all over Pakistan. Chenab Limited was laid out in 1975, and from that point forward, it is working hard to offer the best quality products and services to clients.

It takes care of the entire market domain and provides all sorts of services like shipping items, dealing with retailers, and vertical integration with all units to provide services. Per annum aggregate sum of fabric handled in Chenab Limited is more noteworthy than almost 70 million meters and converted to garments.

Concluding Remarks

This blog has discussed the top 11 textile companies in Pakistan and an overview of the textile industry. Polani textiles, without any doubt, is the number one textile company of Pakistan because of its pure and high-quality products. In Pakistan, the textile industry contributes almost one-fourth of industrial value-added and claims to be the foundation of economic development and advancement. All these textile mills always fulfill their commitment with their valuable clients to provide high-quality products with the best customer services.

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