Terry Towel


Product Description

Polani Textiles is the best manufacturer and exporter of Terry Towel. The Yarn is being procured from Mills producing high-quality Yarn made from superior cotton. We have the highest standards for maintaining quality starting from the purchase of Yarn up to finished products & this is being managed & operated by professionals & skilled labor.


Polani Textile is known for its absorbency, shine, and softness, and effectively and efficiently manufacturing terry towels ranging from high to low end to fit specific customer needs. Meeting all international standards, we offer towels and bathrobes as per our extensive range, and in customized weight, sizes per customer need meeting their exact requirements.


What makes these towels so attractive? It’s their longer, more robust loops that give them good absorbency and softness. They also have various sizings meeting customers’ demands of all ages, and they’re designed to take less time in the dryer — saving money and energy.


Features of Terry Towels

  • Fine, ultra-soft 100% high-quality cotton.
  • Longer, stronger loops for good absorbency and softness
  • Fashionable design, elegant and comfortable
  • Color, size and gram weight can be customized according to your request.
  • These towels are made from natural materials and free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials which is safe for you and your family



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