Institutional Towels


Product Description

Looking for hospital towels or hospitality towels? We’ve got ’em! These are the first truly multi-purpose towels from Polani Textiles. Our best-quality institutional towels are made from the finest cotton using the ring-spun spinning process.


These institutional towels are extremely durable, long-lasting, and soft for your skin. With a density of 500gsm, these towels are thicker and ultra-absorbent making them the perfect choice for institutions such as hotels, hospitals, schools, spas, and the like. Available in a contemporary white color making it perfect to fit in any environment and giving a fresh look. 


If you’re looking for slightly thinner, faster-drying towels. These towels are highly affordable and can be found in various sizes to share among your employees and guests. These wholesale towels make great institutional towels.


The high-quality institutional towels are designed to feel like cotton but perform like microfiber. Outer loops of a cotton feel soft, while the inner loops of microfiber absorb water quickly and dry fast. Softness and great touch are what make you enjoy a towel best. The variety of institutional towels offered in stock and on special order includes a wide selection of designs, weight, feel and look. You’ll save time and money.


Our towels are a long-standing favorite with our customers. That’s because we manufacture them with the finest quality cotton which ensures that all our towels remain thick and fluffy for longer. How many times have you come across those flimsy towels that start thinning after a few washes? Replace them today with our thick, plush institutional towels! 


Our higher GSM thick towels will be more durable and long-lasting. It’s usually tempting for institutions to consider getting cheaper, alternative towels with a lower GSM rating but it’s not cost-effective to do so in the long run. The towels will end up thinning and losing their density as they are being washed over and over again. After all, your guests are the most important people when it comes to towels. They will expect thick, sumptuous towels even though they are subjected to being washed repeatedly. That’s why we recommend the higher GSM towels so you don’t end up having to change them after a few washes as our towels will remain thick and fluffy. 


Features of Institutional Towels

  • Our towels are ideal for hospitals, long term facilities, institutions, and economy motels when the budget is a factor
  • Our high-quality institutional towels are commonly used to clean and disinfect hospital surfaces.
  • Institutional towels have been linked to an outbreak of Bacillus cereus and have been shown to reduce the effectiveness of commonly used quaternary ammonium disinfectants.  
  • Our towels are superbly soft, plush, and highly absorbent that giving an excellent comfort feel.
  • Our institutional towels are designed to perfectly coordinate with the hotel and retail range of bathroom items.
  • Our towels are prepared from 100% Cotton with special features of quick-dry and shrink resistance.



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