Stone Washed Towels
stone washed towel

Product Description

Tired of bulky bath towels that take up tons of space… but don’t seem to dry you off before they’re sopping wet? Us too. That’s why we’ve fallen in love with Polani Textiles Thick Stonewashed Towels because they get the job done without taking up your entire closet. Cotton is naturally more absorbent but dries faster than conventional linen – and it’s anti-bacterial, lint-free, and lasts for years! Plus, this large linen bath towel is stonewashed (aka pre-washed with pumice stones), which means it’s incredibly soft and cozy, machine washable, won’t shrink, and never needs to be ironed. It’s always hard to get out of the shower, but this oversized bath towel is sure to make it a lot more enjoyable!

Superb quality stonewashed towels of Polani Textiles are manufactured with a combination of ring-spun and combed cotton, with dobby designs and high-absorbency. We weave high-quality cotton in traditional looms to get the best quality Towels. Our stonewashed towels have multiple benefits, including strength, durability & breath-ability. Due to its processing, this towel is softer than other towels and an absolute pleasure to use.


Features of Stone Washed Towels

  • The cotton used is a more durable fiber that gets softer with every wash
  •  It absorbs and wicks away water faster than an average towel.
  • Does not need ironing – a light wrinkled effect is trendy
  • Large 100% natural stonewashed towel is more absorbent and dries faster, than traditional terry towels
  • The ultra-soft fabric is machine washable and will not shrink
  • Is an eco-friendly natural material
  • Takes up less space in your closet than other towels do – but are more effective at drying.
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Product Description

Give your bathroom an instant and elegant makeover with our glamorous Rhinestones towels. Hang one on a towel rack, and fold one up on the counter for extra sparkle! Made of durable, machine washable cotton terry in your choice of color, these towels are designed for a lifetime of sparkle.

Our Rhinestone towels are light and have a skin-friendly feel. It has achieved a touch just like “marshmallows’. The Rhinestone towel fabric is soft and of excellent quality. It is gentle on the skin and feels fluffy. We accept custom-made bath towels of each size and weight according to the needs of our customers.

It is guaranteed that our bath towels will never use harmful substances such as fluorescent dyes. We use highly safe activated dyes without using poisonous dyes to improve the safety of bath towels and there are no problems such as discoloration.

Rhinestone towels are always more expensive than other towels. You can purchase our beautifully manufactured rhinestone towels at the best feasible prices right from where you are seated in your house. These towels are beautiful and awesome to use. So, if you are looking for the right rhinestone towel for your bathroom, we are here for you.


Features of Rhinestone Towels

  • Made of durable, machine washable cotton terry, these towels are designed for a lifetime of sparkle 
  • Not only is this a thing of beauty, but it is also practical and therefore something you just can’t afford to be without 
  • Top-quality glooming rhinestone towels will extend the glance of your bathroom.
  •  Ideal gift for all occasions – This classic hand-made craft will be a great choice for your home decorations. It is a perfect choice gift for your beloved, friends, family, colleagues, mentors, office decoration, and a perfect choice for collectibles. 
  • Our high-quality rhinestone towels are easy to wash
  •  Crystal rhinestones are used for maximum sparkle to enhance the beauty of your bathroom

Embroidered Towels
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Product Description

We have a wide range of Embroidered Towels, using a combination of ring-spun and combed cotton, with dobby designs and high absorbency. Super soft embroidered towels are manufactured to keep your skin smooth and dry. We also add a brushstroke of color to your bathroom and add individual highlights of embroidered elegance that say a lot about who you are. But how do you differentiate a high-quality towel from a cheap and nasty one? Online and on the shelf, they can both look so similar. Help is at hand! Trust us, and you will be disappointed by our products and services. You will always get deluxe products that feel both indulgent and luxurious.

We have beautiful embroidered patterns with stunning designs stitched especially to bring gentle style to your bathroom. You can select soft and thick from the silky feel of the faster drying embroidered towel. All the towels are 100% cotton and machine washable. Our embroidered towels have a timeless quality and a historic feeling. That makes sense – embroidery has been part of many different cultures for centuries. It is considered an art form.

Our unbeatable prices, quality, delivery, and service are the reason customers love our products. Polani Textiles is ISO 9001:2008 Certified, which means you know that you’ll receive your goods on time and get excellent customer service. We offer a bespoke embroidery service on the towels we sell; if you are interested, please get in touch with our customer services team, and they will be happy to assist you.


Features of Embroidered Towels

  • Our embroidered towels are soft, affordable, and made from 100% cotton
  • Very high absorbency and permanent softness due to a specially produced pile yarn and a special finishing process.
  •  A stylish range of fluffy white hand and bath towels, and bath sheets, featuring embroidered calming words to help you relax with very high durability.
  •   The impressive neat stitch finish compliments the towel’s absorbency, making it both an eye-catching bathroom linen and versatile daily towel suitable for all. 
  • Variety of embroidery colors to capture the perfect look and feel for your bathroom, whether you prefer a distinct contrast between the elegant design and a more subtle pattern.
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Product Description

Mélange yarns are renowned for their eye-catching shade and manifestation amongst the fancy yarns. Mélange yarn follows exclusive dyeing practice, and it is excellent regarding fiber dyes, color matching, and mixed textile of multiple fibers.

Polani Textiles offers a complete line of pillows sure to satisfy the economy traveler and the most discerning guest. Our products are manufactured from superior quality materials, including hypoallergenic, and designed to provide a relaxing experience.

We have a wide range of Melange Towel products, using a combination of ring-spun and combed cotton, with dobby designs and high absorbency. Our cotton is so smooth and quickly absorbent.

Our towels are machine washable and are suitable for regular use. Wrap yourself in these vibrant towels after a refreshing shower to quickly soak the moisture. Our towels become softer and fluffier over time with more use and washings. The products meet international standards of absorbency and colorfastness. All the cotton yarns are dyed using azo and formaldehyde-free chemicals to prevent cancer-causing agents.

You will certainly enjoy our Polani Textiles towels. You can purchase the best towels available in different colors and sizes per your home and bathroom décor. Our best collection of Melange towels makes your bathroom instantly beautiful and refreshed. Melange towels are incredibly comforting and easy to care for. Our towels are affordable, luxurious, and fit your busy lifestyle needing easy-to-care products.

Our main emphasis is to bring you the best. Contemporary designs, innovative constructions, and new fibers are all coming together to create the finest towels collection for you.

We try our best to comfort you with our thoughtful and high-quality eco-friendly products, woven with utmost love to soothe your soul and calm your senses. We weave magnificence into every thread. We have a vast range of products to suit your every possible need.

Features of Melange Towels

  •  It is an environment-friendly yarn made of organic elements
  • Melange towels are extremely absorbent and plush
  •  It adorns geometric patterns to highlight its design
  • It is beneficial for power-saving, conserving water, as well as reducing pollution in their processing
  • High tensile strength and a great color holding capacity
  • It dries quickly and keeps its fluffy appearance after washing
  • An enduring brightness and opulence in the fabric color
  • It is safe for sensitive skin