Product Description

Tired of bulky bath towels that take up tons of space… but don’t seem to dry you off before they’re sopping wet? Us too. That’s why we’ve fallen in love with Polani Textiles Thick Stonewashed Towels because they get the job done without taking up your entire closet. Cotton is naturally more absorbent but dries faster than conventional linen – and it’s anti-bacterial, lint-free, and lasts for years! Plus, this large linen bath towel is stonewashed (aka pre-washed with pumice stones), which means it’s incredibly soft and cozy, machine washable, won’t shrink, and never needs to be ironed. It’s always hard to get out of the shower, but this oversized bath towel is sure to make it a lot more enjoyable!

Superb quality stonewashed towels of Polani Textiles are manufactured with a combination of ring-spun and combed cotton, with dobby designs and high-absorbency. We weave high-quality cotton in traditional looms to get the best quality Towels. Our stonewashed towels have multiple benefits, including strength, durability & breath-ability. Due to its processing, this towel is softer than other towels and an absolute pleasure to use.


Features of Stone Washed Towels

  • The cotton used is a more durable fiber that gets softer with every wash
  •  It absorbs and wicks away water faster than an average towel.
  • Does not need ironing – a light wrinkled effect is trendy
  • Large 100% natural stonewashed towel is more absorbent and dries faster, than traditional terry towels
  • The ultra-soft fabric is machine washable and will not shrink
  • Is an eco-friendly natural material
  • Takes up less space in your closet than other towels do – but are more effective at drying.

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